The series, conducted by our very own master trainer Adi Shmorak is composed of 3 sessions, each covering a different topic.

Session 1: In which you get to move your virtual robot around

In this session, we will learn the various components of a robots drive train; how it is powered, how it turns and how to control it using code.By the end of the session you will be driving your virtual robot around.

Session 2: In which you will see the world like a robot

In this session, we will learn about the various sensors robots use to sense their surroundings and how to put this data into good use, using code. By the end of the session you will understand how robots collect data from their surrounding and be able to integrate that data into our code using conditional statements.

Session 3: In which you will understand how Robots think

In this session, we will learn how to use variables , loops and math to program our robots to perform complex operations and accurately navigate their surroundings. By the end of session, you will be able to program your virtual robot to autonomously follow a line using basic control algorithms.

Required Material

We will be using the CoderZ online learning environment to program our virtual robots. You can sign up for a free trial account at


All the seminars were very well prepared and clearly understandable. Thank you all! - Michael

Awesome... - Pedro

I greatly enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot from them. - Julia

Course Curriculum

About the instructor

Master Trainer

Adi Shmorak

Adi has been involved in education professionally for over 15 years in a variety of roles including teaching, teacher training, curriculum development, mentoring, project and product management and more. He also volunteers his time to promote FIRST LEGO LEAGUE through mentoring, training and judging. He believes in learning with robots rather than about robots and that the purpose of education is to help our children become problem solvers who care about their fellow men and women.